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Beyond changes in their school environments, the growth and development that children experience with each passing year creates changes that can affect children physically, emotionally, and cognitively, with repercussions in all aspects of their lives. The time period between the first and second Waves of data collection for SEELS provides an opportunity to examine short-term changes in many aspects of the lives of students with disabilities that were first described in Wave 1. This report describes these changes over time by comparing information reported in Wave 2 with the "baseline" information reported in Wave 1.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. As Time Goes By: Short-term Changes in the Experiences of Elementary and Middle School Students with Disabilities

Chapter 2. Changes in the Characteristics of Students with Disabilities and Their Households

Chapter 3. Changes in the Out-of-School Activities of Children with Disabilities

Chapter 4. Changes in Family Support for Education at Home for Students with Disabilities

Chapter 5. Changes in School Enrollment and Student Services

Chapter 6. Changes in the School Programs of Students with Disabilities

Chapter 7. Parents' Perceptions of Students' School, Teachers, and School Programs

Chapter 8. Changes in the School Engagement and Academic Performance of Students with Disabilities

Chapter 9. Summary: Changes over Time among Students with Disabilities


Appendix A. SEELS Sampling, Data Collection, and Analysis Procedures: Waves 1 & 2

Appendix B. Standard Errors and Unweighted Sample Sizes

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