This report highlights which students with specific disability classifications, demographic characteristics, personal attributes, and academic factors are most likely to discontinue special education services. It examines the differences in these factors between students who continue to receive special education services and those who exit the system.

Reasons for student declassification also are explored, specifically in regard to students who leave because they no longer need services, and students who leave for circumstantial or personal reasons but may or may not still have a need for services. The report looks at the associations between studentsí strengths (e.g., persistence, cooperation, organization, sensitivity) and health status, and the likelihood of leaving special education services. It also discusses declassification rates in light of studentsí education experiences, such as early school participation (e.g., early intervention, preschool, Head Start), classroom placements, skills instruction, and schoolwide programs, as well as parentsí expectations for future educational attainment.

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Last Updated 4/06